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Duncan Dix | Design & Direction
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Developed by Psyop, Cryptomatte automates the process of creating ID mattes.

This is how we set up & utilize the tool within Cinema 4D, Redshift & After Effects.

The encoder is built into Redshift, for the full list of encoders/decoders visit the Cryptomatte GitHub.





After Effects
Download the latest ProEXR plugin developed by Fnord - required to decode Cryptomattes in After Effects.
Install the files contained in the after effects folder within the ProEXR download to the relevant after effects plugin folder, e.g.
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2019\Support Files\Plug-ins\Effects.
Replace previously installed versions of the plugin.
Cryptomatte is now accessible within After Effects via Effect/3D Channel/Cryptomatte.

Cinema 4D / Redshift
Add a Cyrptomatte AOV in Redshift, a direct output EXR will be enabled.
Multiple ID types are available, we will use “Object Name” - this will create mattes for all geometry in the scene.

Apply the Cryptomatte effect to the EXR output within After Effects to use - Effect/3D Channel/Cryptomatte.
Use the selection tool (v) to select mattes, shift select to choose multiple mattes.


Cryptomatte has not replaced our multi matte compositing workflow.
It is used in conjunction - to easily & quickly enable a deeper layer of compositing, & as safety net for additional compositing requirements.



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